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Preaching the Gospel & Rebuking False “Christianity” and Judaism! Interview with David Felix Mukaga
Episode 521st April 2022 • On Fire For God Today •
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Sean M. Madden, shepherd of, interviews David Felix Mukaga, founder of Africa Health & Environmental Initiative, a gospel ministry based in Busia, Uganda. David discusses his early life growing up in Uganda, his Anglican upbringing and his conversion to true faith. Together, Sean and David share the true everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ while rebuking the false "Christian" churches, Judaism and the wicked traditions of men.

Episode Guide

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:07 How David came to the Lord

00:01:29 David enters gospel ministry

00:01:41 Preaching gospel on streets of Busia, Uganda

00:01:55 In schools, visiting churches, villages, etc.

00:02:33 What life was like for David growing up in Uganda 

00:02:55 David's mother, Sarah, and father, Wycliffe 

00:03:04 David raised by his aunt, Rosemary, from 1.5 years on

00:03:30 Rosemary introduces David to church (Anglican)

00:03:54 "Mere Christians", not yet born again

00:04:13 African way: Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox

00:04:23 Above don't preach Christ crucified

00:04:40 Busia in 2014, after Advanced Level education

00:05:06 With Bro. James, sharing much the same story

00:05:33 Started ministry (2018)

00:05:47 Returns to former school with testimony, to preach

00:06:31 Returns to aunt's home with testimony

00:07:12 Aunt comes to Jesus Christ in faith and in truth

00:07:22 Sean and David discuss their shared Anglican Church roots

00:07:38 Both Sean and David "confirmed" as 12-year-old boys

00:07:53 We thank God for opening our eyes to the Truth!

00:08:05 Uganda 2014 census statistics re: religious adherents

00:08:40 UK census statistics / Canada similar

00:09:33 Defining who is Christian / Claims versus reality

00:10:40 Rural Ugandans more faithful / Urban wickedness

00:11:11 Catholic Church leading folk to hell

00:11:21 Jesus is THE way, THE truth, and THE life (John 14:6)

00:11:31 We must be born again of the Spirit of God (John Ch. 3)

00:11:41 Catholic nor Anglican Church teach true gospel

00:12:29 Anglicans: "Not sure I've been a good enough person"

00:13:28 Above, a huge failure in terms of gospel salvation

00:15:03 Church of England / Anglican communion is HIDING the gospel!

00:15:46 Catholic Church: Same as above

00:16:02 Vast majority of "Christians" in Uganda don't know the gospel

00:16:35 Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17)

00:16:45 Same situation in UK, home of the Church of England, and worldwide

00:17:06 A gospel call to ALL the world!

00:17:20 Gospel salvation:

00:18:30 Begin to abide, daily, in God's Word and in prayer

00:18:45 Otherwise we are "condemned already" (cf, John 3:18)

00:19:08 The children of wrath (cf, John 3:36)

00:19:58 Get your spiritual house in order!

00:20:08 Come to the true gospel, as per the Bible

00:21:03 When we are led by the Spirit we are led by God

00:21:27 David has discussion with those celebrating "Easter" (Ishtar)

00:22:00 A large percentage of the population, worldwide, are blind

00:23:00 They are perishing, serving a religion

00:23:18 Those who follow Jesus Christ WILL be saved!

00:23:30 Rebuking "Good Friday", "Easter" (Ishtar), "Christmas", etc. 

00:26:00 Jesus spent three days, three nights in the heart of the earth (Matthew 12:40)

00:27:38 Ishtar ("Easter") is a Babylonian "goddess", NOT Jesus Christ!

00:28:30 Annual celebrations of "birthdays" in the Bible, pagan wickedness

00:30:09 Remembering our Lord's death, burial and resurrection!

00:31:30 Laying aside the false traditions of men

00:31:40 Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men (Mark 7:7)

00:33:27 Pharisees following wicked oral traditions, codified into Judaism

00:33:57 True believers follow the one true faith of faithful Abraham

00:34:55 The false religion of Judaism: Rejecting our Lord and Savior!

00:35:09 Judaism is of the devil

00:36:33 The true gospel as per the Bible

00:39:50 Abraham's car accident:

00:43:00 The ETERNAL choice that we ALL make: eternal torment OR eternal life!

00:44:06 The synagogue of Satan: Revelation 2:9; 3:9 (Jesus' words)

00:46:20 Nominal "Christians" and unbelieving "Jews": Neither are saved!

00:47:35 John 8:37-44: Abraham's seed—physical (flesh) vs. spiritual (faith)

00:51:00 Correction: Matthew Ch. 8: "weeping and gnashing of teeth"

00:53:50 Begin to, openly, share the gospel with everyone you can!

00:54:00 We cannot hide our light under a bushel

00:54:06 David's closing words

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