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Captivate Insider from Captivate.fm - Kieran McKeefery & Mark Asquith, Rebel Base Media EPISODE 24, 31st March 2020
Web page URL convenience updates and a little Anchor thing
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Web page URL convenience updates and a little Anchor thing

It's weekly update time!!

As always, we've worked hard to listen to what you'd love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows...

  • Speed up cache flushing on the embeddable player after editing an episode, show or player style: When you edit an episode title or content, Captivate will now clear the cache for that specific episode on the web player. Also, when you update your player style it will clear all cached episodes from the player too, so that you can see the changes much quicker.
  • Quick view episode web pages from the episode sharing screen: We added a nice little "View" button next to the "Copy" button within the episode sharing screen that will open the episode web page URL in a shiny new tab for you to quickly take a peek.
  • URL preview on publishing an episode: When using Captivate Sync™ or Captivate Sites for your podcast website, you will now see a preview of the full URL that will be created for any given episode within the episode publishing or editing screen. Lovely job.
  • Anchor import issue: When importing an RSS feed from Anchor and when the podcaster has the dynamic ad system setup on Anchor, Anchor splits files and rejoins them, making them an M4A with a mime-type of MP4 instead of MP3. This causes import problems. Well, it did. Not anymore :)
  • Live Q&A over in the Facebook Group: Come and join us, on Wednesday 1st April, 5pm UK, 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific, over in our exclusive Rebel Base Media Podcaster Support & Experience Facebook group, where Mark and the team will be answering all of your podcasting questions. Sweet!