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Lila Smith - Creator of the Say Things Better Method. Communication and Certified YouMap Coach
Episode 69th September 2020 • 5 Questions with Frank Mengert • Frank B. Mengert
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It's not often you get to meet a "stranger" you just immediately feel comfortable and safe with.

My guest today does exactly that.

Lila Smith is the creator of the Say Things Better method of intentional communication and the world's only certified YouMap coach who specializes in communication.

You might also know her from the viral #10Tips10Days challenge she helped create

One of the biggest things many of us struggle with, in our personal and professional lives is communication.

You’ll love the advice she shares which is practical and makes perfect sense.

She talks about giving of yourself generously.

Lila also tells the story of how she gave up her acting career - I don't want to spoil it but her reason might ignite a fire in your procrastination.