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How to Prevent Quiet Quitting - Setting Healthy Boundaries at Work
Episode 761st February 2023 • Level-up Engineering • Apex Lab
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Interview with Sophie Wade, Founder of Flexcel Network. She talks about quiet quitting and how empathy can help employees and leaders deal with difficult workplace situations.

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In this interview we're covering:

  • Defining quiet quitting
  • Quiet quitting vs. Acting your wage
  • Quiet quitting nowadays vs. in the past
  • How to prevent quiet quitting as an employee
  • How to prevent quiet quitting as a leader

Excerpt from the interview:

"If a particular area of your job motivates you, you can tell your manager you’d like to do more of that. Offer some suggestions and see what you can do to contribute to the company in a way that keeps you motivated. It’s a win-win situation: not only will the company benefit from your work, but you can also surround yourself with enjoyable tasks and projects while improving your skillset, which makes you a better professional in your field. 

People may quiet quit because they had already made such suggestions to their bosses, but their ideas got shut down and they were stuck with a role that no longer fulfilled them. It might be true that the company is not interested in doing what they brought up, but too many nos take a toll on people’s motivation, and they might decide they aren’t going to bother coming up with new ideas anymore."

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