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You Never Know Who You are Going to Meet Featuring Evan Kirstel
Episode 106716th January 2023 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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In order to succeed as a ‘TechFluencer’ in today’s digital society, you have to be plugged into a lot of different trends and markets. From supply chains to consumer electronics, to community building to virtual connections, the landscape is constantly shifting and evolving.

Evan Kirstel is a B2B thought leader and technology influencer focused on B2B networking, engagement, and social selling. Rather than just establishing his own expertise and using it to guide others, he is still on a learning journey of his own – exploring new disciplines and platforms as he becomes aware of them.

In this interview, Evan and Scott discuss some of the trends affecting digital media, modern business, and consumer tech:

• The groundbreaking changes in content creation and writing made possible by a new Generative AI technology called ChatGPT

• The rise of electrification in mobility showcased at CES 2023, including multiple modes of transportation, personal and commercial vehicles

• How to build communities and network reach by expanding into new forms of content, moving from written to spoken to visuals to engage different audience members

• Places where tech and automation have met their limit, failing to overcome the human preference for authentic, trust-based relationships

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