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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 682, 26th March 2020
Convergence of the End Times – Tom Donnan pt 1
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Convergence of the End Times – Tom Donnan pt 1

Convergence of End Time Signs in the

News Today – Tom Donnan pt 1


Every time Tom Donnan comes on the program, we never know where the conversation will end up. We talk about things that indicate we are heading towards the time the Bible says is “The End of Days.”

Help me welcome back to the program, Tom Donnan. Tom, thanks for coming back on the show today!

What have you been up to lately?

I have to ask you, have you seen what has been going on in East Africa? It looks like the locusts infestation talked about in the Bible.

This is completely devasting to that area, but we are not hearing about it at all on the news.

I believe scientists are attributing this to the perfect breeding grounds that have been in place the last couple of years. I believe in 2018 is when the was extra rain fall that the grasshoppers need for laying eggs, etc. And they say this is a result of sort of “solar hibernation” or something going on with the sun. Have you heard that?

Grand Solar Minimum?

Scientists have tracked this and said the solar minimum is entering a cycle like it was about 200 years ago. Severe winters, etc. Remember what happened to the Pilgrims and Jamestown? The winters killed off most of the colonists.

How is that going to affect the USA?

I used to live in Tacoma, Washington and we were used to it raining in the winter. But this is something outside of normal.

Well, we can see that happening with all the rains that have been falling, just this winter. Not snow…rain!

What about the earthquakes that have been happening? Have you seen the ones down in the Caribbean?

They say that is a blessing that it was so far from land, it limited the destruction.

But that is the area that the cruise ships travel though. So luckily there were no tsunami’s involved with this earthquake.

Speaking of cruises. How would like to be on the “extended cruise” in Japan? The ones where they will not let anyone on or off that ship due to the Coronavirus.

I have a friend, he has been a missionary overseas since my Bible School days, he just came back from Hong Kong about one week before all of this started. His wife is still over there. He has sent her face masks via Fed Ex because the stores over there a sold out. He’s supposed to go back soon, but all of that is on hold. And she can’t get out. It’s a pretty big deal.

Wuhan, the city where, supposedly, all of this started, is basically shut down like a ghost town. Nobody is going outside.

They have had something like 1500 deaths or something since this started. In China itself.

I can’t imagine being cooped up in my house or on a cruise ship for weeks at a time. I was going batty just for the four days I was on a cruise a few years ago.

Oh yeah, the bats down in Australia! Did you see what I’m talking about? I thought bats could only come out at night, these things are out in the daytime! I thought they would dehydrate or something.

All of these things that are happening are all, basically, signs of the days the Bible talks about that will occur in the end days.

Jesus said there would more and more signs, all happening at once. I call it “convergence.” And the convergences are happening more rapidly and on a more severe basis. That is what we are seeing.

If all of this continues to happen on earth, we may have to move to mars or something!

Maybe that is why we are starting the US Space Force and trying to get to Mars. Have you been following all of that


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