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Episode 139 - Become Superman in Your Marriage The Series: Basic Needs
14th June 2021 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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What do women want? What does a marriage need? In order to have a lights out marriage you must know what her needs are and how to meet them while at the same time you MUST know how to define your needs. Join us for this hard hitting episode that promises to give you some legitimate outlines for how you can clearly define the needs in your marriage. Check out the show notes below for a deeper dive into this episode.

I (Quincy ) came up with the layman’s outline for needs: Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual/Financial

Tony Robbins does a wonderful talk on The 6 Human needs right here:

They are: Certainty / Uncertainty / Significance / Love & Connection / Contribution

These we combine to better understand your ability discover and define your needs, her needs, and your marriages needs as a whole.

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