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A counter to populism
Episode 26th March 2020 • Oxford Policy Pod • Students at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University
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On this episode of A Look of the Issues, we follow on from our conversation last week about Brexit and talk to Damian Boeselager about the need to counter rising populism in post-Brexit Europe. Damian is a German Member of the European Parliament and co-founder of Volt, the first pan-European party in the European Union. At 32, Damian finds himself in a European Parliament that is younger and more diverse than it has ever been, albeit it more divided than ever. The young MEP has hit the ground running and on this episode of A Look of the Issues, he shares why the establishment of Volt was a response to the rise in nationalistic tendencies across the Europe and around the world. He also gives us tips on how to actively engage with politics wherever we find ourselves.