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88: Why disability inclusion in the workplace is important with Seònaid Ó Murchadha
14th January 2022 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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"People say their ideal leader wouldn't have any vulnerabilities, but actually in reality, and the research shows that when a leader is vulnerable, everybody else feels more comfortable with being vulnerable themselves, and therefore being more authentic, and essentially happier at work." - Seònaid Ó Murchadha. Welcome back to Happier at Work. Joining Aoife this week on the podcast is the inspirational Seònaid Ó Murchadha. Seònaid's passion lies within helping organisations embrace disability by advising businesses on the journey of diversity. Over the last two decades, Seònaid has worked endlessly advocating and highlighting employment rights for disabled people and can often be seen doing so through various media outlets nationwide. Today's show focuses on why disability inclusion in the workplace is important. Throughout the episode, Seònaid shares her personal story, discusses the reality of disability disclosures and non-disclosures, and reveals vital steps for creating open and inclusive environments. Essential points covered throughout include: - Introduction to Seònaid Ó Murchadha. - How can organisations be inclusive? - Creating and activating workplace policies. - Embracing diversity at work. - Requesting disability accommodation and assistance. - Seònaid's personal experience of interviewing for employment. - The power of open and honest conversations in an organisation. - Coming to terms with invisible skills. - Welcoming disability into the workplace culture. - Recommended steps and tools for workplaces to become more inclusive. - The Human Rights approach to disability. - Barriers and challenges facing people with disability. - The benefits of open workplace culture. - What makes Seònaid Happier at work. Seònaid, also widely known as the Bionic Businesswoman since receiving her new bionic arm in 2017, co-founded the Amputee Disability Federation in Ireland. Seònaid currently lectures at Maynooth University on disability studies and provides support for members of the Irish Small and Medium Business Enterprise Association. THE LISTENER'S SAY: Have a topic in mind that you would love for Aoife to explore on future podcasts? If so, please connect with Aoife via the links below and let her know. Connect with Seònaid Ó Murchadha: Connect with Happier at Work host Aoife O'Brien: Resources: The Reasonable Accommodation Passport scheme: Irish organisation dedicated to ending mental health stigma: AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability: TED TALK: The Myth of Average by Todd Rose:




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