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A Story of Education and Knowledge
Episode 1911th December 2023 • The Wild Minds Podcast • The Outdoor Teacher
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Season 3, Episode 19:

For this Episode, my guest today is Rowan Salim, who is a geographer, facilitator, community gardener and storyteller who loves playing, making things, meeting people, and engaging in deep, slow learning.

I enjoyed how this conversation embraced ancestry, how we both value the hospitality and generosity of other cultures.

We begin to unpack the idea of progress in relation to the Story of Education, we touch on a consent-based, self-directed socio-cratic system of education.  

If we can learn outside boxes where children can grow up knowing the local places and spaces, then it may be possible to develop values that align to what we can sustain, and create more livelihoods that are based on relationships. 

We dive into:

  • How our lineages and different places continue to inform us.
  • Celebrating hospitality and generosity from other lands.
  • Considering international development and what ‘progress looks like’ within ‘The story of education.’
  • An introduction to Socio-cratic education – where children are accepted, which is not authoritarian or coercive.
  • Equating education with schooling - is this indisputable?
  • How we value certain knowledge over others and reduce the diversity of ways of knowing.
  • The growing network of alternative in the UK and abroad.
  • The role of the adult as facilitators to be ‘guardians of flow’ and be ‘play allies.’
  • If we learn and making in many wilder spaces, then we can grow local economies and valued this again and what some tangible steps might look like – time, relationship and listening!

Show Notes:

Music by Geoff Robb:

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