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Cannabis vs Opioid use for MSK Medicine | Dr. Herman Johal
Episode 1314th January 2021 • Medical Matrix • Carmel Sound Lab
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When it comes to pain control and our well-being, we’d be willing to turn to anything for relief, even an unregulated drug. In today’s episode, Dr. Rosie Sendher and Dr. Erika Fisk welcome Dr. Herman Johal, to have a discussion around a controversial topic in the medical field for its ethical reasons: the usage of cannabis as a treatment. There’s no denying that cannabis has brought relief to millions of patients thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and yet there is still no funding, and as a result, no research, to start to better comprehend this ancient remedy.

Dr. Johal is an orthopaedic surgeon and assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at the McMaster University, who specializes in trauma orthopaedics. Passionate about education and research, he has become an advocate for cannabis study and discussion in the medical ecosystem. Tune in and listen to this important discussion on cannabis in medicine, and to learn more about both patients’ and professionals’ experiences with this remedy.

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