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Identifying Executive Function Disorders In Your Child
Episode 3527th April 2021 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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If your child is disorganized, has a hard time regulating emotions, doesn’t self-start, and can’t ride the wave of life’s ups and downs, you may want to consider an evaluation for Executive Functioning Disorder.  In today’s podcast episode we’re talking about some executive functions and signs/ symptoms that you can identify in your own child.  EF is often overlooked or glossed over as being secondary to some other diagnosis like ADHD or autism, but once identified, an IEP team can develop accommodations, write goals, agree on specially designed instruction to teach the child how to access the accommodations, and to address to dysfunction itself.  


In today’s episode we’ll talk about the following eight executive functions: emotional control, inhibition, working memory, initiation, planning, shift, organization, and self-assessment.  I’ll walk you through what each of these looks like, providing real life examples of each.  


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