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Audio Obscura - Audio Obscura EPISODE 62, 15th October 2020
Episode 62: It's Official (Feat. Jill Gillespie)

Episode 62: It's Official (Feat. Jill Gillespie)

Jill Gillespie pops on for episode 62! It's the bleepin' ASMR episode. We explain our detail process for choosing guests as Foster's house slowly burns down around him. David's hoping for some homemade granola and invents the Great American Baker Kill. Foster opens a rift to hell while on the search for his katana. Jill gives us the business talk and wants more dings. Shout out to us @audioobscurapod or audioobscurapodcast@gmail.com and let us know what you think about the ding idea! Enjoy. #LeonardTannenbaum


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