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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 61, 7th February 2021
Ep 61: How to Fix a Broken Meathead (While Still Getting Jacked) with Ryan L'Ecuyer
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Ep 61: How to Fix a Broken Meathead (While Still Getting Jacked) with Ryan L'Ecuyer

On the podcast today I have fellow Rebel Performance coach, and king of lat spreads, Ryan L’Ecuyer.

This episode is a case study where we unpack how Ryan took one of his clients (let’s call them “Brody”), who was coming off of a powerlifting meet with back, hip, and knee pain, and helped him become pain-free while still hitting PRs and getting jacked.

Ryan goes through the entire transformation process from point A to point B, unpacking the tactics, strategies, and programming that he used to help this individual get out of pain and get back to training hard, fast and heavy.

Listen in as Ryan shares how a plan was created to first reestablish Brody’s baseline as a strength athlete in the first three months. In the next three months, emphasis was put on adding lean muscle mass using an upper/lower body split four days a week. The final three months saw Brody undergoing work capacity-based cycles using circuits such as the 30:30, as well as a strength/hypertrophy protocol.

If you want to put on muscle and get strong but struggle to do so without being in pain, then this episode is for you.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [13:23] Brody’s current situation and desired results when he came to Ryan in 2017
  • [21:47] Phase One: Reestablishing skeletal control and revitalizing the aerobic system
  • [33:37] Exercises that Ryan introduced to ease Brody back into movements that were currently painful
  • [42:19] A sample training day from the first three months
  • [48:06] Phase Two: Focusing on hypertrophy with an upper/lower split
  • [51:24] A sample training day from the second three months
  • [1:01:42] Phase Three: Work capacity-based cycles and adopting a strength/hypertrophy split

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