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Perry Groves's 'We All Live In A Perry Groves World' (ft. Perry Groves)
Episode 1023rd March 2020 • Football Book Club • The Football Book Club
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We've read a lot of books over the series. However, importantly, we have always been several hundred miles away from the author. But not today! In this extra special episode recorded at The Notley's Golf Club in Essex, we read Arsenal and Talksport legend Perry Groves's autobiography 'We All Live In A Perry Groves world' with Perry himself! Featuring brilliant stories about title triumphs, spraying each other with ketchup, Paul Merson, cats and Ander Limpar's horrible, horrible pranks. Plus Perry plays the game 'Real autobiography or fake autobiography' - is Alan Hansen's 'Mm Kop!' a real book? Find out now!

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