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E.100 Josh Latimer
Episode 5116th May 2022 • Fight Club 4 Business • Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Josh Latimer.... what can we say about Josh? Let's start with epic family man, husband and father. Then let's take a journey on the life changing brands and businesses he's launched and continues to support. Josh hangs out with leaders, visionaries and coaches that impact business owners world wide. It's no surprise that we chose Josh to join us in the Fight Club for our 100th episode. Get ready to hear all that Josh has been working on, his latest family updates, how Kid War Plan is doing...and the super cool group he's got going - Honor and Fire. Josh might even throw in a few updates from his epic wife Ashley! - all from the big state of Texas. Sit back and get excited to hear from Josh!

Time Stamps:

📍[3:53]Welcome to Fight Club 4 Business's 100th Episode with Josh Latimer!

📍[5:57]"A weed is a flower without a marketing budget" Josh Latimer

📍[8:17]Running a 7 figure home service business is easier to achieve than ever...

📍[10:01]Getting on camera is a learnable skill... and will uplevel the professionalism of your company

📍[11:09]Who do you want to serve?

📍[11:57]Where do your people hang out?

📍[12:37]Everyone has heard about serving your avatar, but do you really go deep enough?

📍[13:25]What is the emotional hook - how do you get your clients attention?

📍[14:09]What is the "purpose" of your video?

📍[15:13]When you first start to make videos... nobody cares and noone is watching so it's okay don't be afraid to just start..

📍[18:33]Everything you want is just on the other side of Charisma & magnetism - you just have to come out of your comfort zone

[19:57]If you are booked a week or two out... you can play a game with pricing

[20:45]If you're booked 2 weeks out. Your price can continue to be raised to an infinite amount as long as you stay booked out 2 weeks out.

[21:25]100k company with 20% profit that raises prices 20% you'll have a 100% bottom line increase

📍[25:33]Price anchoring between packages

📍[25:45]Present your most expensive offer first

📍[30:05]The 1 sentence persuasion framework...

📍[33:01]Encourage their dreams, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, justify their failures, throw rocks at their enemies....

📍[34:17]What should I post? To promote my business.. Macro, micro, nano....

📍[35:41]Macro = monthly theme (12 macro topics for social posts) - if you only have a couple just loop them....

📍[36:33]Micro = weekly themes that are a subcategory of the macro.

📍[37:01]Nano = the days of the week

📍[37:45]A system to lay out your content creation...

📍[40:41]Josh's lightbulb moment.... business owners are entitled babies... you are not entitled to another person's labor. The labor market has all of the leverage.

📍[40:53]We can be a victim or be victorious

📍[41:41]Michael Kaplan calls his employees internal customers

📍[43:17]The work 40 years and retire from the same company days are gone...

📍[43:25]and they're never coming back

📍[45:01]Everything gets soo much easier if you charge the right amount

📍[45:37]You have to have resources to be generous

📍[46:45]Being generous & loving does not mean being a door mat

📍[49:33]Marketing Homework: Take your phone, shoot a quick video and post it.

📍[49:57]Finance Homework: Raise your prices.

📍[51:21]Systems Homework: Check out the 1 sentence persuasion

📍[52:17]People Homework: List out how you are taking care of your internal customers? Add the hooks to your job ad

📍[54:33]Josh Homework: Think of low hanging fruits to make more without spending anymore? How could you 10x the referrals you get? How could you raise your average ticket?

📍[56:09]Best way to get ahold of Josh Latimer - friend request him on Facebook


" Quote of the day "

"If you charge a lot of money, you get to spread the love around."

- Josh Latimer


Josh Latimer:

Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing

Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters

Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers

Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas