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Top Business Lessons of 2022
Episode 6422nd December 2022 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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I love reflecting on what I learned and how I grew at the end of each year. It’s so helpful to acknowledge what I did and what I want to focus on going forward. I’m sharing with you my top lessons in my business from this last year, and I encourage you to do the same reflecting in your own work before the year wraps up. The way we achieve goals and continue to grow is by learning from our previous efforts.


1:18  - The most eye-opening lesson I learned was that how I defined success didn’t match how I measured success.

6:41 - I also paused when answering some emails. Do you ever notice if you get disappointing or frustrating news over email that your emotions tend to take over? I frequently broke the productivity rule of “never touch an email twice” and allowed myself to think and process after reading an important email before replying and hitting send.

12:02 - New business conversations create energy and momentum. Consistent outreach sends the message to the universe that you are growing and open for business.

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