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Joe Megibow, CEO of Purple & Digital Analytics & Transformation Innovator
Episode 119th May 2021 • The Narrativ • Geoff Galat
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The idea behind this podcast is to meet people who are great storytellers and to get to know them, because I think their own personal backstories are also really interesting. Hearing people describe what they do, and why they do it. In some cases, the unique ways they do it. I learn from them every time, if I just listen. I am so excited about my first guest, Joe Megibow. Joe’s the CEO of Purple, a digitally-native vertical brand with a mission to help people feel and live better through innovative comfort solutions. You’ve probably seen a TV commercial for a Purple mattress, or maybe you are as lucky as I am and sleep on one every night! Joe was a Member of the Board of Directors at Red Lion Hotels from 2017-through their recent acquisition. Joe spent a few years as Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at American Eagle Outfitters, building out their ecommerce organization and online competence. Prior to that, he held several senior roles with Expedia, including Vice President and General Manager of During his time at Expedia, he launched their mobile business and was chairman of Mobiata, their mobile development subsidiary. And of course, we spent a few years together at Tealeaf, before all of that. Joe was recognized in 2011 as Practitioner of the Year by the Digital Analytics Association and is now Director Emeritus after serving 4 years on the DAA Board. I have been aware of the DAA for a long time, and I’ve known a lot of members and leaders of the DAA, and my gut feel is that few, if any, other people who’ve won practitioner of the year later became the CEO of a wildly successful consumer products company. There is an amazing story arc there, and I think you’ll appreciate it.