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When To Use Facebook Ads, And When To Use Google Ads [E060]
Episode 609th August 2023 • The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast • LSTN Media LLC
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How do you know when to use Google Ads vs. when to use Facebook ads? The answer is rather simple but not always obvious. Join Kim and Brian as they explore the various situations when you would use each very effective digital advertising type!

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Talking Points

  • The difference between Google ads and Facebook ads (00:00:52) The speakers discuss the surface-level differences between Google ads and Facebook ads, with Google being used for search and Facebook for brand awareness.
  • Using Google ads for retargeting (00:01:41) The guest shares a pro tip on using Google to search for products and then getting retargeted ads on Facebook from other potential companies.
  • Using Facebook to find things (00:03:28) The speakers discuss using Facebook to find products or services by searching on Facebook Marketplace and getting targeted ads.
  • The importance of Google ads (00:06:56) Google ads are effective for reaching people who are actively searching for auto repair services.
  • The minimum budget for Google ads (00:07:34) A minimum budget of $1200 per month is recommended for Google ads to compete with other sponsored shops.
  • The need for brand awareness advertising (00:10:47) Brand awareness advertising is necessary to replace lost customers and stay in front of potential customers.
  • Staying in front of people and educating them (00:14:08) The importance of educating your audience about the services you offer and staying in front of them to retain clients.
  • Facebook and Google ads for brand awareness (00:15:29) The differences between Facebook and Google ads for brand awareness and staying in front of people who are not necessarily looking for auto repair services.
  • Targeting and geographic parameters for Facebook ads (00:19:00) The importance of setting geographic parameters and targeting correctly when running Facebook ads to avoid wasting money and getting poor results.
  • Housekeeping and Engagement Opportunities (00:21:16) Housekeeping matters such as sending marketing questions, joining the Facebook group, and leaving podcast reviews.

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