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Katherine 'Cookie' Norman: An extroverted advocate for the unsung voices of our community
25th August 2020 • She Inspires Me • Caroline Brunne
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Join Caroline as she interviews Katherine 'Cookie' Norman as they explore the topics they discussed back in 2017 and touch on how far things have come in the world since then. Katherine's website - Who inspires Katherine? o Becc Barry - HR Caring, Checking in, Amie/WFH Advise o Helen Fairclough - HR VSM, Melbourne, MCEC/ACM Network o Monica Curro - Women in Music Festival & Port Fairy Spring Music Festival Director o Caroline (YOU) - You want it, got get it o Marta Dusseldorf - Female positive (Janet King) o Wade Kelly - Bow ties - go get, challenge the norm o Steven Hodgson - Inclusion, partnerships, Care, collaboration. Sensitive/Care when asked to program & perform at a Women in Music Festival - Importance of Allies (everywhere) o Jacinta Ardern - Caring Compassionate Leadership - proven o Kristy Biber - Music Therapist, Caring, Compassionate, GO GETTER o Deborah Cheetham - Resilience in BUCKETS; Female, Opera Singer, Lesbian, Indigenous, Stolen Generation - INCREDIBLE person. SO lucky to know her. Teaching me a LOT about The Stolen Generation & Australian Indigenous History (even how to explain that to 400 delegates at the IAVM VMS USA). Community spread/awareness - She is OUTSTANDING. Fighting for a non-indigenous choir (The Consort of Melbourne) to be involved in the Eumeralla Program from the get go Eumeralla Link on my Youtube:




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