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JY MNTL: The Link Up
Episode 6424th February 2022 • NO IDEAS JUST VIBES • NIJV
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This week in the bakery, we’ve invited special guests Jay and Montz, commonly known as JY MNTL to enjoy the vibes as we break bread and discuss the tea on all things life-related!

JY MNTL tap into the full spectrum of being creative as music artists, content creators, actors and producers - we’re feeling vibes on vibes!

Joining us every month for a bonus episode, sit back and enjoy the energy, wisdom and laughter from your breadrins. Expect bread-like behaviour. Cop a slice and enjoy!

Your breadrins:


- Lizzie @lizziealli_

- Ilaria @ilariavp_


- Jay @jayjwade

- Montz @jazz_montell