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From Depression to Purpose through Identity, Calling & Assignment with Susan Cooper Creel - FT4F0058
Episode 581st October 2021 • From the Forefront • Scott McClelland
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It's so easy for us to get our identities intertwined with what we do, but God has more for us. Listen as Susan Cooper Creel shares how she was "fired by God," how God led her through a powerful transformation. 

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It's easy to lose sight of what you're doing when you're in the midst of change.

Susan Cooper Creel lost her identity, calling and assignment when she was fired by God. She spent years wrestling with how to find the light again.

Her book is a workbook-style journey through self-discovery and reflection that helps illuminate the totality of what it means to lose your identity-- which isn't just about career or title recognition and losses that come with them, but all other areas as well; relational, mental, spiritual--so you can make wise choices leaning on God's counsel.


  • What your identity is NOT
  • Change can crush you if you lose sight of what God is doing
  • How God launched the book without her
  • The totality of what you lose when you lose your identity



Susan Cooper Creel is a wife to a serial entrepreneur and mom to a feisty red-head. She loves to travel the world to support mission organizations, women in business and children. She is a resourceful cheerleader, teacher, and self-proclaimed Bible nerd. Her life’s goal is to ‘affect the lives of people all over the world to change THEIR OWN personal worlds’ through practical support and the study of God’s Word.


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