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#236 | Can We Actually Be Political Disciples? with Vincent Bacote
3rd May 2024 • Apollos Watered • Travis Michael Fleming
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"Christians should not be talking about politics!" is what I heard when I was a young Christian. Is that true? How can Christians be engaged in politics in a biblically faithful way? What does it mean to be a political disciple? Should we as Christians stay out of politics? These are questions that we all must wrestle with if we are to have an effective witness in the world.

Join Travis and Dr. Vincent Bacote as they discuss what it means to be a political disciple in a polarized world.

Dr. Vincent Bacote is a Professor of Theology and the Director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL.

He is the author of Reckoning with Race and Performing the Good News: In Search of a Better Evangelical Theology (2020), The Political Disciple: A Theology of Public Life (2015), The Spirit in Public Theology: Appropriating the Legacy of Abraham Kuyper (2005), and has contributed to books including On Kuyper (2013), Aliens in the Promised Land (2013), Keep Your Head Up (2012) and Prophetic Evangelicals (2012).

He is a regular columnist for Comment Magazine and contributes to other magazines, including Books and Culture, Christianity Today, Think Christian and re:generation quarterly, and journals such as Christian Scholars Review, Urban Mission and the Journal for Christian Theological Research.

He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Christian Ethics.

He resides in the Chicago area with his family.

Travis and Vincent discuss what it means to be political, why the church needs to have a robust political theology (how God wants us to go about politics that is biblically faithful), common grace, and how our political theology has changed over time, as well as the very purpose of government.

Vincent also discusses some other theologians and how they have shaped how we see politics today, names like Abraham Kuyper, John Howard Yoder, and Stanley Hauerwas. While they may be unfamiliar, they have affected how we view and even engage the political process today. Vincent also gives Travis some lessons on Jazz.

Learn more about Vincent.

Get Vincent's book The Political Disciple. One of the books referred to is Contours of the Kuyperian Tradition by Craig Bartholomew and Bruce Riley Ashford.

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