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S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 7 - Haneef Wynn
Episode 716th February 2022 • S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK • J Haleem
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Episode Description 

Whenever J Haleem sits down with Haneef Wynn it’s guaranteed to be a family reunion. Especially with a friendship that has spanned more than 20 years. You will hear Jay say multiple times during the interview that “he knows his story.” In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, we invite you to listen in as Haneef shares his musical journey and background, his journey to entrepreneurship, and the importance of having family support, especially in the trucking industry. 

Show Notes 

1:35 - Jay welcomes Haneef to the show 

2:45 - Haneef shares his thoughts on what it means for him to reflect back on all his talents and career

4:52 - Jay asked Haneef if he is pleased when he thinks about today’s hip-hop, since he grew up in the Wu-Tang era 

9:05 -Haneef discusses the music & lyrics that were the soundtrack to his coming of age

12:24 - Haneef speaks on entrepreneurship and wishing his “entrepreneurial ear,” was turned on sooner. 

14:24 - What it means to focus on yourself

18:40 - J Haleem speaks on making the change to the name of his podcast

20:03 - Jay asks Haneef what S.T.A.R.V.E. means to him? 

21:24 - Making the move to ATL 

23:28 - Don’t follow your passion. Take it with you. Click here, to read the article:

24:38 - Haneef speaks on why it’s important to qualify the people in your circle 

26:53 - Haneef speaks on jumping out into entrepreneurship and the journey he has been on

32:20 - An answered prayer “Stay in it,”

36:00 - Becoming a trucking “authority”

40:13 - Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

42:01 - Why “eating what you kill can become an addiction?” 

43:12 - Entrepreneurship is providing opportunities for others 

45:17 - Why growing too fast is not a good thing 

48:11 - The importance of having a stable family life in your business

53:14 - What does S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk mean to him?

57:33 - Haneef gives Jay his flowers

1:04:04 - Haneef thanks Jay for having him on the show

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