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Introducing, Inside West Point: Ideas That Impact: Exploring Innovative Applied Research
Trailer21st February 2023 • Inside West Point: Ideas That Impact • United States Military Academy at West Point
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Join Brigadier General Shane Reeves, Dean of the United States Military Academy at West Point, as he takes you behind the scenes to explore the applied research and cross-disciplinary work being done by the Academy's scholars.  


From high-energy lasers and artificial intelligence to civil-military relations and ethics, this podcast goes beyond the textbook to give you a deeper understanding of the complex issues shaping the modern battlefield. Hear directly from the experts as they make even the most complex topics accessible to a broad audience. Get inside access to West Point's work and see how it's being applied today.  


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Disclaimer: This podcast/episode does not imply Federal endorsement.



Dean: Welcome to Inside West Point: Ideas That Impact. I'm Brigadier General Shane Reeves, the Dean of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Through a series of discussions, we will show you a different side of West Point where we will make even our most complex initiatives accessible to broad audiences and give you an inside view to our cross-disciplinary work, which is being applied throughout the world.

Let's go beyond the textbooks with inside access to scholars impacting national security and the future of warfare.

West Point has long understood that success in warfare requires a professional military whose soldier scholars are bold and adaptive thinkers grounded in analytical decision-making. Many may not know there's such a rich concentration of intellectuals at West Point, spanning a wide range of disciplines, often working in collaboration with each other.

You'll hear directly from our experts as they make even the most complex topics accessible and interesting to all of us. What also makes West Point unique is where it resides in both the army and academia to the operator, but also to higher education. Now you'll have access just as our cadets do to the nation's leading experts on high energy lasers, new domains of warfare like cyberspace or law, and ethics and conflict.

Join us as these practitioners and academics come together to find practical and operational solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing our nation. Be on the lookout for upcoming episodes and follow us on social media for updates. Subscribe now to hear more from the experts at West. I look forward to sharing our ideas that impact with you.




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