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Success Inspired - Vit Müller EPISODE 59, 1st August 2021
What you need to know about advertising photography with Claudia Goetzelmann

What you need to know about advertising photography with Claudia Goetzelmann

My guest today is Claudia Goetzelmann, Fashion | Advertising | Beauty Photographer & Art Director, jet setting to wherever work-life takes her. German by birth, visual Globetrotter by heart

Special Offer:

Claudia is starting an online workshop with 5 women in one group - focus on vulnerability and how we show up to ourselves and others... while giving ourselves the permission to bloom. etc... get in touch with her on her socials for details (links below)


  • www.claudiagoetzelmann.com
  • www.instagram.com/claudiagoetzelmann
  • www.permissiontobloomcoaching.com
  • www.instagram.com/permission_to_bloom
  • Soundcloud Take a Moment recording


  • (00:02:00) - What compelled Claudia to become a photographer in advertising?
  • (00:06:20) - What is it like to be a photographer?
  • (00:07:30) - When Claudia started to see success in her business
  • (00:11:09) - Defining a niche in a big market
  • (00:12:13) - What you need to know about advertising photography
  • (00:20:55) - The value behind hiring a professional photographer
  • (00:22:52) - Tips for getting good photos for your business if you're on a tight budget
  • (00:25:37) - Future of e-commerce with AR, death to traditional commercial photography?
  • (00:28:04) In- Second half of the interview, we talk about life & death and a new perspective on what The End means.
  • (00:32:46) - Stop & recognise all the good that you've done (rant)
  • (00:36:26) - Don't chase perfection, embrace the process
  • (00:37:44) - What view people don't agree about with Claudia
  • (00:41:19) - What drives Claudia to do so many things?
  • (00:46:26) - Finding a key piece of wisdom and correlation to personal & business success

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