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Spinning Plates with Megan Flatt
Episode 1810th May 2016 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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This is an episode filled with scheduling tips where Miatalks to Megan Flatt — a consultant for mama CEOs. They talk about thedifference between “juggling” and “plate spinning” which will make every momwant to learn about plates! They talk about making choices to do the things weactually want to do as moms.  They talkabout the little things you can do to fit things like exercise and shopping into your week — itis as simple as changing your mind and doing simple actions. Megan shares the idea of a weekly workflowand making realistic lists of what you can actually get done, so you end thedeal feeling accomplished, and how to use post-it notes to group your buckets. Megangoes into summer and how you we can have a good one where you stay in line with your family values. Download Megan's free guide "Launch Like a Mother"





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