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Rappers Over Thirty - Steven Laws EPISODE 11, 4th February 2021
ROT 011 Spitting That Raw S#!+ with FOUR ZONE

ROT 011 Spitting That Raw S#!+ with FOUR ZONE

In this episode: "Spitting That Raw S#!+ with FOUR ZONE"

Imp shouts out Tiffany Haddish for giving opportunities to comedians who helped her before she was famous and Imp wants to know many successful people in the rap music industry don’t do the same.

He also discusses the importance of “Indie Rap Music Bosses” setting aside their egos and working together to formulate a winning strategy.

The special guest is “Four Zone” an emcee from the “818” area code in California. Who is a member of the rap group “The Walk-On’s” and has been a member of “Styles of Beyond”, and has had his music placed on “Power” and other shows.

Four Zone discusses his rap history, business, whom he like to see go head up in “Versus” and he discusses and explains what “Autism” is.

The songs of the day are:

"Became Clear" by Four Zone

“Shotgun Funk” by Four Zone

"Wooooh!" by Four Zone

“Hit Em” by Fourzone featuring Tak (from Styles of Beyond) and Canibus.

The quotes of the day are:

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today.” - Malcolm X

A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things” - Barack Obama 

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