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Ep 47 | Stephanie Vitacco
Episode 471st September 2020 • The Peak Results Academy Podcast • Rich Fournier
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Rich speaks with Keller Williams Top Individual Agent in the USA for 2019, Stephanie Vitacco. Stephanie is a powerhouse agent with over 6,000 transactions during her career, consistently producing incredible numbers through good markets and bad. Stephanie drills home the importance of consistency and desire in a tough market, the value of failing forward and why she’s convinced anyone can tie up an area with 2 years of persistent farming. Stephanie gives 3 practical methods for pulling yourself out of a slump, why coaching is valuable at every success level and why it is imperative that you know yourself when making business decisions. 


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Show Notes

[03:26] About Stephanie

[07:43] How being young and hungry helped her grow her business

[14:25] Why the desire for success has to be strong enough to stay consistent

[15:04] Knowing yourself and what you are getting into is key

[17:26] Why anyone can tie up an area after 2 years of persistent farming

[20:01] The value of ‘failing forward’

[21:34] Why connecting with 10 people a day is so important

[24:53] 3 ways Stephanie pulls herself out of a slump

[27:03] Selling in the time of COVID-19 and how to get ahead of the pack

[34:55] How having a coach is valuable at any success level

[36:06] Stephanie’s perspective on paying for leads  (it might surprise you)

[42:51] Parting advice on carving your own path in real estate

Contact Stephanie


Phone: 818-576-1685


About Stephanie

Named the Top Individual Agent in the USA for Keller Williams in 2019, Stephanie Vitacco, is a force to be reckoned with. As an individual, she has completed 6,000+ transactions over her career, and maintained a consistency in service through good markets and bad, that is unmatched. In addition, Stephanie has consistently been named a Top 100 Agent in the United States by RealTrends, as well as appearing in popular media outlets such as Los Angeles Magazine and San Fernando Business Journal, among others.