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Why Waiting Works with Rob Kowalski
Episode 627th September 2022 • Raising The Standard • Josh Khachadourian
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Rob Kowalski is a self-professed "reformed bad boy" with a riveting personal testimony from living as the most sought-after stripper in his home state of Maryland to running the nightlife in the city of Baltimore where he grew up. This lifestyle took its toll and at 27 years old Rob had a life-changing encounter with Jesus that transformed him forever. He gave up a life of casual sex and addictions and is now the founder of the thriving non-profit, CityFam. Rob is now driven by a passion for leading others to Jesus and building the Kingdom of God.

In this episode

Why hooking up with the wrong people is killing your chances at finding love.

Learn the shocking truth about why you’ve been unsuccessful finding "The One"

Discover how BIOLOGY explains why you feel so clingy after getting physical.

Understand how getting physical is causing you to miss the red flags and get into relationships with the wrong people.

Why getting intimate too early puts women at a position of disadvantage in the relationship and what to do about it. Learn how to never give your power away again.

Learn Rob’s technique for channeling all the energy to become the absolute best version of yourself so you can make your time off the most productive season of your life

With 40k YouTube subscribers and climbing, Rob is widely considered the #1 authority on sex, waiting for the right person, and overcoming loneliness in life during the wait. He is a best-selling author of Why Waiting Works, and host of Kowalski Analysis Podcast. His video entitled 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage made him a viral sensation on YouTube and became the #1 video in the world on the subject with over 1.8 million views, but his role as founder of CityFam, the global movement of “friends with better benefits” on a mission to end loneliness is closest to his heart.

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