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Episode 527th February 2024 • Impact Stories with Nick Kershaw • Nick Kershaw
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In this episode of Impact Stories, Nick Kershaw explores the transformative journey of runners participating in Impact Marathons. This final episode of a micro-series uncovers the profound power within individuals that is unleashed in these extraordinary events. It's not just about running; it's about fundamental shifts in perception, purpose, and potential. Join Nick as he weaves stories of emotional and physical transformation experienced by runners who joined these powerful events in 2023.


  • 0:00-2:15: Introduction to the episode’s theme - The Power Within
  • 2:16-4:30: Deep dive into the unexpected emotional and personal transformations at Impact Marathons
  • 4:31-6:45: Creating spaces for authenticity and genuine self-expression
  • 6:46-9:00: The importance of the physical challenge in the transformation process
  • 9:01-11:15: The emotional and communal energy of the race briefing
  • 11:16-13:30: Reflecting on the life-changing experiences of the 2023 races
  • 13:31-15:00: Closing thoughts on the powerful impact of the races
  • 15:01-15:30: Outro and invitation for future participation

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