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Ep 04: Toolkit '101': Mindful drinking basics
Episode 48th February 2024 • The Big Drink Rethink • Anna Donaghey
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In this episode, "Toolbox 101: Mindful drinking basics”, your host Anna brings together the key advice and tools discussed in the previous few episodes. Not least the concept of mindful drinking and insight that comes from understanding the motivations behind our own drinking behaviours. She discusses the different types of drinkers, the principle of knowing how many units you consume and some practical strategies for reducing that number.

Here are the highlights:

  • 04:10 Observe behaviour, understand reasons, and become self-aware.
  • 07:17 Challenges of not drinking in social settings.
  • 10:04 Excessive drinking leads to impaired judgment, addiction.
  • 17:23 Moderation in alcohol consumption is crucial.
  • 23:29 Cut out unnecessary drinks for better value.
  • 26:30 Overdrinking leads to empty calories and regrets.
  • 28:15 Anna’s six-week, coaching-led ‘Rethink’ program

About the host Anna:

Anna is a certified Alcohol Mindset Coach, trained by Annie Grace of This Naked Mind. Drawing on her own journey out of alcohol addiction, she now helps others explore and control their drinking. With a career spanning 25 years as a Strategist in the Advertising industry, she combines her own lived experiences, with great insight into what makes us tick and what influences us to behave the way we do.

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