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Episode 037: Monique Mills - Are You Failing at Selling?
Episode 3727th December 2021 • Unpolished MBA • Unpolished MBA
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In this episode, Monique walks listeners through the incredibly important process of defining the relationships that you have with potential customers. Often founders or salespeople can deceive themselves into believing that the number of potential leads or prospects is far greater than they are in reality.

Today Monique will help us to define the differences in these various levels of customer relations by clearly defining the difference between suspects, prospects, leads, and actual customers. By using an analogy based on the dating world, Monique helps to more clearly illuminate the difference between these lines that salespeople and startup founders often blur, much to their frustration and peril.

Topics Include:

  • The Importance of Focusing on Customer Empathy
  • How Speaking With Customers Differs From Selling to Customers
  • Differentiating Between Suspects, Prospects, Leads, & Customers
  • How Correctly Labeling Potential Customers Alleviates Frustration

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