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Episode 26 | Exploring Self-Care, Stress And Mental Health In Turbulent Times with Paul Ward, Julie Smith, and Nick Warrilow
Episode 2610th August 2020 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Episode #25: Exploring Self-Care, Stress And Mental Health In Turbulent Times

In today’s episode we will be discussing “Exploring Self-Care, Stress And Mental Health In Turbulent Times” with three incredible people, who all bring a different perspective for us to consider. Join Dr Paul Ward, Julie Scott and Nick Warrilow as we dive deep into what we need to stay mentally healthy as the coronavirus sweeps the world, redefining life and work.

We actually have 3 guests with us in roundtable today:

Dr Paul Ward - Paul Ward is a Director at the Global Center for Conscious Leadership. Paul is a Conscious Leadership Coach and the author of The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership. He is passionate about making the world a better place to live and work, helping people reach higher levels of consciousness, championing Conscious Leadership, and enabling Conversations that Matter.

Julie Smith - Julie is the Creator of Success Through Stillness – a Framework she uses to lead meditation workshops online, in-person & in corporations. She is also the Chairman for the charity CCN (Contemplative Consciousness Network), which supports the merging of meditation and science.

Nick Warrilow - Nick has been involved with technology as a profession for over 20 years. He runs the tech platform for Sacred Changemakers and also owns a Search Engine Optimization company that works with entrepreneurs who are building Socially Conscious Businesses.

Listen in to our insightful conversation as we discuss the challenges we all need to be aware of as we navigate the dramas currently playing out in our current environment, the impact it is having on all of us and how things are changing. We explore our need for connection, how meditation can alleviate stress and how we can all benefit if we S.T.O.P. - an acronym that can help us to overcome loneliness and continue to feel connected. Get ready for some practical insights to help you navigate your own unique challenges as an individual, as leaders, and as humans. When listening you might even feel called to evolve your own practice of self-care. A very timely conversation that I think you will enjoy! 

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