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Episode 85: What leaders get wrong about disability awareness
Episode 8524th March 2022 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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How can we better support people with disabilities in the workplace? What role does language play in the way our world frames disability? Business conversations are often rife with ableist language - saying business results are "paralyzed" or that a conversation was "tone-deaf" can reinforce negative stereotypes about people with disabilities in the workplace. Once we know better, how do we do better?

HR often thinks that the goal of disability awareness is to create a work environment where as many people as possible feel comfortable disclosing their disability. When instead, the goal should be creating an environment that's inclusive for everyone - whether they have a disability or not. How can we as leaders be proactive about accessibility, to take the burden off of disabled people to constantly advocate for their needs?

In this week's episode, Denise Cooper interviews public speaker, DEI consultant, and content creator (@BlindishLatina), Catarina Rivera, for her take on how managers can become an advocate for disability justice in their workforce.

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