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Episode 522nd October 2021 • Branch 251 • 75 Podcasts
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Whether they run into ex-militia fighters on the streets or receive anonymous threats over the phone- for many Syrians abroad, the Assad regime is never too far away. In this episode, Naya and Noor explore the insidious ways in which fear and intimidation permeate the Syrian diaspora. Our guests are Mohammad Al Abdallah, the executive director of the Syria Justice and Accountability Centre, and Ahmad Helmi, a Syrian activist and human right defender living abroad.

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Amnesty International's report, 'The Long Reach of the Mukhabaraat'

EU Asylum Support Office report

The NRC article: 'The ghosts of the Assad regime continue to haunt Syrian refugees in the Netherlands'

Information on the documents SJAC analyzed

SJAC report on the documents: 'The Walls Have Ears'

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Syria Justice and Accountability Centre's monitoring of the trial

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