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3. Navigating Loss While Booking Out: Lessons from Loraine Martinez-Bellamy, Latina Life and Business Coach
Episode 318th October 2023 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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Are you and your business set up to sustain even when difficult life event happen? More importantly, is your nervous system set up to process them?

Today's guest, Loraine is a Latina life and business coach for high-achieving women who want to fearlessly expand beyond their 9 to 5. She is an attorney by day and I’ve been fortunate to have her join me for two cohorts of Reclamation Mastermind.

In today's conversation, I’m sitting down with Loraine to reflect on the past month of business. In September, she processed a loss (TW: pregnancy loss), yet she was still able to process that instead of push it aside. She even went on to book 4 clients nearly back to back.

We're unpacking the lessons learned along the way with tangible takeaways you can bring with you.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What led Loraine to start her business and how clarity in her niche helped her get meaningfully specific in her marketing and expedited her getting booked out
  • What brought Loraine to Reclamation Mastermind
  • Navigating trauma without bulldozing through it with the help of her coach & community
  • How Reclamation’s Success Receipts tool helped Loraine reverse engineer how she had created clients in the past which helped her call in 4 clients in 2 weeks, bringing her to now be booked out with a waitlist

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