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Shared, Secure, Sustainable! The 3 S's of AI Safety Regulation, GenAI & Future of Human-machine partnership with John Roese, Global CTO, Dell Technologies
Episode 4930th October 2023 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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Human-machine partnership has long been the crux of transformation and the recent rise of Generative AI has sparked entirely new sets of possibilities! But what are the lessons we can learn from the ‘sudden’ impact on the way we do business, and from a societal perspective too. Something center stage this week for the UK's AI Safety Summit

- What are the key considerations organizations should make as they identify their GenAI strategies?

- What are the implications from skills to ecosystem?

- What’s on the horizon that may have a similarly large impact?

- What should we consider to ensure unified AI governance?

And this final point is exemplified by the fostering of global cooperation and creating regulations that work for everyone, as encapsulated in the 3 S’s of:

🫂Shared! 💳Secure! 🍃Sustainable!

For more! Join us for a special episode of “Burning GenAI Questions”, a series led by Tomorrow's Tech Today CEO Sally Eaves and special guest today - Dell Technologies' Global Chief Technology Officer John Roese

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