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Ep 23: The new smart building standard setting the bar for digital workplaces - James Giannikos, ISPT and Eden Dwek, Wiredscore
Episode 2311th May 2021 • JLL Perspectives • JLL Australia
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Commercial buildings that help reduce carbon emissions or promote healthy employees have increasingly earned certifications for their contributions in recent years.

Now a new certification is aiming to benchmark another indicator of building quality: its smartness.

U.S.-based WiredScore recently launched SmartScore, which aims to bring consensus around the term “smart” in smart buildings, a phrase that has typically denoted sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) used to optimise building systems.

JLL’s Perspectives podcast host Rebecca Kent is joined by Eden Dwek, WiredScore’s director of Expansion, and James Giannikos, an engineer at Australian superannuation fund manager ISPT.

They discuss what makes a smart building, how to prepare a building for future technology, why landlords and tenants need to be prepared for 5G, how untidy building risers can negatively affect the tenant experience and why edge computing is making a comeback.