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9th June 2015 • BSS Carolinas Shows • Attitude Broadcasting
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This week on the BSS Carolinas Sports Show Rocky, Big Shot and Easy go around the world in Segment 1 to share all the top sports stories of the week. In Segment 2 the guys share all of their Dummies Of The Week. In Segment 3 we talk game 1 of the NBA Finals. Our question of the week is LeBron's Legacy hurt if he loses this NBA Finals and goes 2-4 in his career. Let us know what you think by going to or tweet us @breakdownnc and we will share your responses on the show. And in Segment 4 we say Bon Voyage to some celebrities and athletes. You can listen to us each week on,, Itunes and Iheartradio. Like us on and follow us on twitter @breakdownnc. And remember sports is life and you can catch us everywhere.