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Episode 331 – That Time I Tried To Buy a #1 Music CD
30th July 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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In this Podbit, SeanGeek goes 1st Season and records from the car. It’s FastFret’s birthday and he is going to buy him Wolfgang Van Halen’s debut, you know the one everyone has been talking about, the one that was #1 in the world. Just how hard is it finding a copy? Weaving the inability to find a Music CD that is NOT being supported by the industry, in a world where actually owning music seems frowned upon, by businesses being blocked from actually selling music, in new(ish) corporate setting that blocks artists writing THEIR own music. SeanGeek’s story of creating a memory for he and his brother to share teaches a lesson to us all in how and where to secure music and support non-corporately sponsored artists, the story of Mammoth WVH is one we all can learn from.

And yes, Maroon 5, shame on you.

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