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Ep 154: Who's mentoring the mentors? With Dr. Moriah McCauley
Episode 15418th October 2022 • That Vet Life Podcast • That Vet Life Podcast
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This week's That Vet Life Show podcast is a solo episode, where Dr. Moriah McCauley discusses the traits that a good mentor should have, all of which were proposed by the veterinary community in an Instagram vote. She outlines these qualities and their significance for the growth and development of the team, the mentee, and you as a mentor.

Whilst pursuing her veterinary degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Dr. McCauley had the opportunity to study with some of the best veterinarians in the nation. She has inspired veterinarians and veterinary students to be competent and self-assured through her captivating storytelling, love of animals, and passion for taking care of others.

Listen in to discover the qualities that define a good mentor!


  • [01:16] Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short recap of previous episodes.
  • [02:36] She dives into the characteristics of a good mentor, enlisted by the vet community itself.
  • [03:54] We discuss “imposter syndrome”, describing its impact on mentor-mentee relationships.
  • [05:44] We hear a personal story, describing how being open-minded is a characteristic of a good mentor. 
  • [11:34] While discussing the second crucial quality of a good mentor, Dr. Moriah explains how being nonjudgmental as a mentor benefits both the mentee and the team.
  • [13:40] A short ad break - join Thrive.
  • [14:48] The episode by discussing the Instagram poll results. 
  • [17:11] What does it mean to be a titled mentor? If you don't enjoy teaching, should you still hold the title of mentor?
  • [21:07] How to become a titled mentor? How to sharpen mentoring and leadership skills? 
  • [28:40] Dr. Moriah wraps the episode.

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