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Ep. 114 - Jill Willard on Becoming an Intuitive Being, Intuitive Meditation + Living in the Now
Episode 1148th May 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Jill Willard is an intuitive medium + meditation leader who helps people tune into their intuition and live in the now, gifts that allow anyone to feel more balanced and present. Jill blew us away with the wisdom in her book, Intuitive Being, and now she’s offering tools and tips on meditation and being here in presence through IM, a heart-based and intuitively-focused meditative company.


Sitting down with Jill was an incredible experience for the us.  Whenever you’re around a healer, an intuitive being, or someone else on a really high-vibrational level, your energy is affected – and spending time with Jill is like 10x’ing your energy!! It was honestly like the we were wrapped up in angel food energy: stuck, sticky, sweet, comfortable, and covered in clouds.


And afterwards, it’s hard to describe how we felt... except to say that weare changed!


We chat about…


  • Connecting with your intuition

  • Growing up as a psychic + Hearing voices as a child

  • Getting clear on the relationship you want with yourself, as an intuitive

  • Connecting with angels and spirit guides

  • Our culture’s misunderstanding of sexuality

  • The afterlife

  • Manifesting a broken ankle

  • Motherhood + rebirthing

  • The power of our relationships with parents and family

  • Healing yourself

  • Our chakras

  • Jill’s thoughts on dreams + the different types of dreams (make sense of your dreams at

  • Why self-care needs to be simple

  • Why Jill created IM

  • Transitioning to 30

  • Listening to + trusting your body


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