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#56 What are the benefits of outsourcing marketing - with Sarah Noel Block
Episode 5620th October 2022 • Jonny Ross Fractional CMO • Jonny Ross
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Welcome back! It has been too long! I've re-branded it is time for a new season! Welcome to Jonny Ross Fractional CMO.

On the show today I am talking to Sarah Noel Block, CEO at Tiny Marketing, situated just outside of Chicago.

Today we’re looking into the benefits of outsourcing marketing including:

- How to find the most suitable supplier

- What to do if you don’t have a marketing team

- How to 10x your content

Joining me to discuss this is a lady who uses her tested and proven framework to streamline content marketing, social media, and email marketing through smart systems.

Sarah is a writer, editor, and a content marketing strategist for facilities services, construction, medical and real estate products, and SaaS companies. She works with time-strapped marketers in mid-sized B2B industries to build high-impact marketing without increasing headcount.

She won 3rd place for the "Best Construction Blog, 2018 | Construction Marketing Ideas".

Sarah's Website:

Sarah on LinkedIn:



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