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What did France do to the Taco!?
15th August 2023 • In Confianza • Project Pulso
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When Colombian-American producer Charlie Garcia moved to France, he faced a big challenge... his favorite food, The Taco, was nowhere to be found. But while accidentally stumbling on a small shop called O'Tacos, he discovered that the French had put their own radical twist on his beloved Taco. What followed would forever change his view on the meaning of Authenticity, Cultural Appropriation, and whether there can be such a thing as an "Authentic French Taco"

This Episode was produced & written by Charlie Garcia, it was edited by Rough Cut Collective, with additional editing from Maribel Quezada Smith & Liz Alarcon. Audio engineering, scoring & mixing by Charlie Garcia with additional support from Julian Blackmore. The hosts of the Pulso Podcast are Liz Alarcon, and me Maribel Quezada SmithSpecial thanks to Manon Lelièvre, Alyosha Leveski, & Tsveta Ivanova

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