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Career Growth and Creative Expression
Episode 6413th April 2023 • Wanna Grab Coffee? • Robert Greiner, Charles Knight, Igor Geyfman
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In today's episode, we take a break from The Trillion Dollar Coach and reconnect after a break. We touch on several topics:

1. Adjusting to recording again and optimizing our workspace for better productivity.

2. The significance of career progression within our teams and the importance of fostering an environment that supports growth and success.

3. The value of setting clear goals and priorities for the year ahead, emphasizing the need for clarity before the year starts.

4. Sharing personal experiences with promoting team members, highlighting the positive impact of providing opportunities for growth and development.

5. Balancing professional and personal life, and exploring our creative side through architectural drawing and sketching as a way to unwind and find balance.

6. ChatGPT and AI as a way to augment human productivity and output, with the downside of creating too much noise in the ecosystem.




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