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Mastering the Art of Bootstrapping for Successful Business Growth
Episode 3513th April 2023 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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“Raising funds is a time consuming and painstaking process as there are many strings attached to it”- Malay Damania.

The decision to start a business is challenging and daunting as you need funds to establish and grow a business. Only 1% of startups manage to raise and get equity funds.

Tune into this episode as your host Malay Damania shares the art of bootstrapping and how to successfully manage a business with personal resources.

Key Takeaways

  • Start a bootstrap startup with a minimum viable product. Ensure it targets a specific group and focuses on solving a specific problem.
  • Ensure your MVP has enough features to validate your business
  • Gather feedback from your early customers to see if the product is market fit and this way you will save time and money.
  • Focus on cash flow as that is the life and blood of your bootstrap startup. Ensure you have enough cash to cover expenses.
  • Keep expenses variable. For example, use a coworking space instead of an office or consider outsourcing a few tasks to freelancers. 

Listen to the entire episode to know how you can bootstrap a successful startup.

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