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Pamela Christian, Prepare for the Harvest! God’s Challenge to the Church Today, Multiple Award-Winning Author-Radio Interview
Episode 6311th June 2020 • Global Gospel Worship Radio • Marina Maria
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Prepare for the Harvest! God's Challenge to the Church Today

By Pamela Christian

Multiple award-winning author, Pamela Christian, explains the premise for writing this book: If a clarion call was needed to exhort people to prepare them-selves for Jesus’ first coming, how much more important is the divine ultimatum for us to prepare for Jesus’ return! Many prophetic voices speak of a great harvest of souls:

  1. Are you sufficiently informed and engaged with the
    modern culture to enable you to reach the lost for Christ?
  2. Is your church leadership trained to meet the needs of the culture while effective discipling people who have no understanding of church culture?
  3. Are you ready to welcome and disciple an influx of people some consider to be the dredges of society into your pristine church environment?

Addressing the critical urgency of the day, this book exhorts the Ekklesia to make this a time of ardent preparation or risk being found as the Church of Laodicea (Rev. 3:14:22).

Endorsed by:
Michael Brodeur, Director of
Phil Cooke, Ph.D Filmmaker, Media Consultant and Author
Steve Shultz, The Elijah List and Elijah Streams TV program

Media Contact:
Pamela Christian
Phone: 714 624-0914

About the Author: As both an apologist and charismatic Christian, Pamela Christian is rec-ognized as one who “Balances rational thought with spiritual reality.” She is an ordained international evangelist and apostle whose entire focus is to help people discover and live in life-giving truth. As a Bible student, her years of study have produced her as an effective Bible teacher, powerfully impacting conference speaker, and life-influencing award-winning author with her Faith to Live By series. Additionally, her Blog has received two distinguished awards. She’s a radio and television host who brings difficult cultural topics to bear in effort to equip the Church to be prepared to receive and minister to the billions of souls predicted to come to Christ in these last days. 

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