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Know Your Money Own Your Life - My Conversation with Linda Lingo
Episode 11427th December 2021 • Women Over 50 - A Life Redesigned • Shelly Drymon
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The episode today mentions suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, and discussion about mental and emotional abuse.

As a Financial Coach, Linda’s mission is to empower women with smart strategies for a successful, stress-free approach to money. Through inspiration and education, Linda guides women into clarity and confidence in their finances so they can live the life they desire. Linda loves empowering women to embrace their wealth at whatever stage they are at. Know your money, Own your life! Linda’s philosophy is to dream, plan, and enjoy this journey of life. To live every day fully with intention and no regrets because there is no return ticket. Have fun!

Memorable Quotes

Because once you know your values and you know, what you desire. Then you can put your goals in place, but only then will you follow through on your goals? Because if your goals and alignment and values, aren't in alignment, they're going to fizzle. They, you're not going to follow through. ~ Linda Lingo

And I think it's when you're that when, when you're free, when you believe in yourself, you know, when you empower yourself, you don't only empower yourself. It's your family, your kids, your community. I think it's the world. I think women are going to be the change drivers in this world. ~ Linda Lingo

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