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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 121, 5th October 2020
Pod 121: Gemini Force One Go Down to the Ghost Mine
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Pod 121: Gemini Force One Go Down to the Ghost Mine

You asked, and we listened! Gemini Force One is a book series written by M.G. Harris based on a concept from Gerry Anderson shortly before his death. Many of you wanted these books in audio format and we've been making that a reality thanks to talented readers like Jacob Dudman. This week, we give you the first three chapters of the second book in the series read by Wayne Forester (New Captain Scarlet, First Action Bureau). The rest of the book is available on the Gerry Anderson Store, the Big Finish app, or via Anderson Insiders!

01:07 Introductory sound and fury

05:09 FAB Facts

11:28 Podsteron emails and questions

17:35 Gerry Anderson News

20:56 Tweets from listeners

25:54 Three free chapters of Gemini Force One: Ghost Mine by M.G. Harris

58:28 More messages from our Podsterons

01:04:47 Chris Dale's Marvelous Randomiser

01:42:16 Wrapping things up

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